Gardening Calendars for Central Florida

Gardening is a challenge

Central Florida is a challenging place to garden.  In the summer it is very hot and humid; ideal for the growth of fungus, insects and bacteria. In the winter the weather is ideal, warm days and cool nights, but with sporadic freezes which kill or freeze back may plants.  Soils are poor, being mostly sand left over  when the sea level was much higher and this area was a beach.  Sand soils drain very well but hold very little water and are also poor in nutrients.  Heavy rains tend to wash nutrients from the soil before plants can use them. 

What should I plant and when?

The following are ideas on how to garden in central Florida: what plants to use and when to plant them.   References are given on where to get further information on specific topics.  Separate calendars are given for annuals and for vegetables.  All information given is for central Florida.

Click for a calendar of when to grow Flowering Annuals (Bedding plants)
Click for a calendar of when to grow Vegetables

Tips for gardening by month (under construction)