Photos - Polk County's Florida-Friendly Yards

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Birdbath in Polk County Yard
This photo represents the Florida-Friendly principle, Providing for Wildlife.  A birdbath and evergreen vines are great ways to attract wildlife and provide habitat.     

This is a new landscape that was mostly turf and  the homeowners have been adding mulched beds filled with native plant material.  They are also watering with micro-irrigation. 

mulched flower bed
This photo represents many of the nine principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping.  It shows how a by-product mulch (pine bark) is used.  It also demonstrates how the homeowner has eliminated high maintenance plants and thus reduced their water bill. 

low maintenance small yardThis is a superb example of what you can do in a small yard to make it as low maintenance as possible.  The homeowner has eliminated all of the turf and now has the pleasure of flowering plants and the birds and butterflies they attract.  The maintenance costs have significantly decreased since this landscape was installed. 

backyard pond

This backyard pond provides water for wildlife.

Rain barrels are a great way to reduce water around the foundation of your home, reduce stormwater runoff pollution and provide irrigation water for plants in the landscape.  


rainbarrel Porous pavement is a great way to reduce stormwater runoff pollution.  This landscape uses turf blocks and brick pavers to create a unique parking lot. 

.  rainbarrel

A lake or pond should be landscaped with native vegetation to stabilize the soil, filter nutrients and sediments from runoff, and hold soil in place.  This stormwater pond is healthy and attracts wildlife.