Homeowner Information

Your yard is the first line of defense against Florida's environment so do your part to conserve water, reduce waste and pollution, create wildlife habitat and prevent erosion and runoff.  We can help you plan, design, install and maintain your landscape the Florida-Friendly way.  Healthy landscapes are beautiful landscapes!

How can we help you?

Workshops & classes
One-on-one consultations
Plant and landscaping recommendations
Irrigation assistance
Yard certification program (homes, new construction, businesses & communities)
Assistance for HOAs and developments
Online resources & social media updates

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Homeowner Resources in Polk County

Florida-Friendly Living
This website will give you more information about the nine principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ as well as links to other helpful resources

Yard Recognition Program
The FYN Homeowner Program recognizes environmentally friendly gardeners with official FFL Yard Recognition signs. A county agent or Yard Advisor will visit your home and use the homeowner checklist to determine whether your yard is eligible for Gold or Standard recognition. This is a great educational opportunity, as well as a chance for you to show your commitment to protecting Florida’s water resources!

The Urban Horticulturer

The newsletter of the UF/IFAS Extension horticulture program is filled with tips and timely topics to help you maintain your lawn, landscape and garden.  Contact Polk County Extension Service to get the newsletter emailed to you or read it online. 

The Neighborhood Gardener
The FFL Program, Master Gardener Program, and the Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology produce a monthly e-newsletter, The Neighborhood Gardener, for homeowners and Master Gardeners. Filled with Florida-Friendly gardening tips and success stories, the e-newsletter is distributed on the second Friday of every month. Click here to sign up to receive it today!