Florida-Friendly Online Education

The online workshops provided below are designed to help you learn more about the nine principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping.  Each online workshop consists of a narrated slide show followed by an evaluation.  Please follow the link to the evaluation after you take the workshop so that we can better serve the citizens of Polk County.  The Power Point presentations are in pdf format (get Adobe Acrobat Reader here). 

Online Workshops

Florida-Friendly Landscaping
Helpful handouts:  Landscape Elements for a Florida-Friendly Yard
                              FAQs About Florida-Friendly Landscaping
                              Adopting a Florida-Friendly Landscape

Florida-Friendly Yards
Helpful handouts:  Checklist of Florida-Friendly Landscaping Practices
                              Landscape Design:  Ten Important Things to Consider

Rain Barrels
Helpful handouts:  Rain Barrel Guide
Landscaping to Attract Butterflies
Helpful handouts:  Butterfly Gardening in Florida
                              Butterfly Gardening in Central Florida
                              Florida Butterflies
                              Florida Butterflies

Helpful handoutsCompost Tips for the Home Gardener
                              Construction of Home Compost Units

Landscaping with Native Plants
Helpful handouts:   Native Florida Plants for Home Landscapes

                              Native Wilflowers: Mimosa strigillosa
                              Invasive Plants

Power Point Presentations

Introduction to the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program

Florida-Friendly Landscapes

Fertilize Appropriately


Control Yard Pests Responsibly

Reduce Stormwater Runoff

Protect the Waterfront

Landscaping for Wildlife

Coping with Drought in the Landscape

Organic Gardening