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The Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is a free nutrition education program for limited-resource families with an emphasis on parents and other adult caregivers who have primary responsibility for feeding young children. 

Since 1969, the University of Florida’s EFNEP has worked in local communities to teach participants skills and strategies to stretch their food dollars, eat nutritious meals, and improve their overall health.

Through a series of hands-on and fun lessons, EFNEP participants learn about:

  • Healthy Eating and Cooking For Less
  • Saving Money at the Grocery Store
  • Keeping Food Safe
  • Being Active
  • Cooking and Planning Meals

Who is Eligible?

This program is for parents or caregivers with children and are eligible for public assistance programs, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (food stamps), WIC, Head Start, or have children who get free and reduced lunch. 

Interested in the Classes?


If you have a group of eligible participants that would like classes offered at your site, please contact Peggy Geren/Spanish Speaker (863)519-1071 or Andrea Nikolai at (863) 519-1072 to arrange a schedule for your organization. Classes can be held at the UF/IFAS Polk County Extension office in Bartow or at your site.


Contact Peggy Geren/Spanish Speaker (863)519-1071 or Andrea Nikolai at (863) 519-1072 to arrange group classes. Please keep in mind that you may have to wait till a group of eligible participants are interested in order to provide classes.

Peggy Geren, EFNEP Program Assistant

Contact Information
  • Peggy Geren
    EFNEP Program Assistant
    Family and Consumer Sciences
  • PO Box 9005,
    Drawer HS03
    Bartow, FL 33831-9005
  • Phone: (863) 519-1071
  • Email: pgeren@ufl.edu
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