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2010 Florida Integrated Pest Management Guide

Identification of Mites, Insects, Nutritional Symptoms and Disorders on Citrus


This page contains links to a couple of the most popular University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) citrus publications. If you currently own an iPhone or iTouch you will need to download from the apple app store an application that will allow you to store and read files on you i device. I use the following program called “files” by olivetoast.com . There is also a free “files lite” version available if you want to try it out from the app store on iTunes. There are other apps available that will allow this same ability but you are on your own to check them out.

Once you have the required software just click “i Device Download” located below the publication that you want to load on your i device. The zipped file will be automatically downloaded to your computer where your can unzip the file and load it into you i device. The downloaded zipped file contains all the files associated with the publication. If you wish to view and print the publication click on the “View and Print” link below the publication.

For more i device publications click on the publication heading on the top of this web page.

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