Natural Resources Leadership Institute
Class XI

 About NRLI

"NRLI was created to help rising leaders in business, agriculture, government, academia and the environmental community to enhance the skills required to effectively manage conflict that arises from natural resource issues. The NRLI Project Team believes that people involved in natural resource disputes can reach mutually acceptable solutions by becoming more knowledgeable about public issues, communicating in a more meaningful and effective manner, opening the debate to include a broader range of stakeholders, and using negotiation skills to settle disagreements."

About Our Programs

"NRLI is an eight-month long program that includes seven three-day seminar and activity sessions, a practicum, and a graduation session, eight sessions in all.  In activity sessions, Institute Fellows study personal and group leadership skills, communication skills, and conflict management techniques, and learn about environmental issues, concepts and policy."

"  The practicum is a “real world” project through which NRLI Fellows apply skills and concepts learned in the program to actual conflict or leadership issues in their professional settings. "

How the Program Works

Topics for Class XI

As sessions are completed, links to the Session Report can be found by clicking on the topics listed. The course finished in April of 2012.

NRLI Graduation Photo

NRLI Practicum

As part of the NRLI experience, fellows develop a practicum that draws on the skills and experiences that they acquired throughout the NRLI process.

Practica and Session Reports

For my practicum, I have partnered with Holly Abeels, Marine Agent in Brevard County.

Holly and I conducted research on the communication and research resources available for UF/IFAS Extension Faculty in the Marine Science and Natural Resources field. Our goal is to determine what resources faculty are using, are current methods efficient, and how current methods could be improved. We utilized electronic surveys and focus groups and plan to continue this line of research.

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NRLI Online
NRLI Project Team
  • Laila A. Racevskis
  • Bruce Delaney
  • Marta Hartmann
  • Jonathan Dain
  • Joy Hazell
  • Robert M. Jones
NRLI Partners
  • Progress Energy of Florida
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Florida Coastal Management Program, Florida Department of Community Affairs
  • Office of the Dean for Extension, University of Florida, IFAS, Cooperative Extension Service
  • Office of the Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Florida, IFAS
  • Department of Food and Resource Economics, IFAS, University of Florida

How do I join NRLI?

  • Each NRLI class is made up of about 20 Fellows selected through an application and nomination process. For more information on applying to NRLI, please visit their website at
  • A sample application can be viewed here but we recommend you view the website and read about the program before applying.
  • The class XI brochure can be viewed here.