Fertilizer Laws & Ordinances:

Beginning in 2014, anyone applying fertilizer commercially will need to have a license to do so according to Florida Statute 482.1562.  The license is called the "Limited Urban Commercial Fertilizer Applicator Certification"

Fertilizer use has become an issue anyone working in the green industry should be aware of.  There has been an increasing amount of attention on the use of fertilizer and cultural practices in the landscape, due to the potential for non-point source water pollution. 

Non-point source pollution means that it is difficult to identify exactly where the source of pollution is coming from but that the contribution is significant enough to be of concern.  Runoff and leaching of fertilizer and pesticides from landscapes is an example of non-point source pollution. 

To get the license, one must earn the Green Industries Best Management Practices Certification by completing in person, online or DVD training about landscape fertilizer and cultural practices and passing the post test with a 75% or better score. 

There is also an opportunity to become a certified instructor to offer in-house in-person training.  See more about that process here

Many industries have Best Management Practices to protect water quality.  See more about that here.

  • See more about the Green Industries Best Management Practices here.
  • See upcoming classes in Polk County here.
  • See the list of statewide classes here.
  • See more about the license here.
  • See the application for the license here.

It is important to note that local ordinances may require additional steps or more stringent practices based on local conditions.  Check with your local Extension office or see additional information on local ordinances here.

  • See the Polk County fertilizer management ordinance here.


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2008  Urban Turf Rule - Fertilizer Applications

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