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  • Featured Creatures - an extensive list of insect and related pests of Florida. Includes biology, habits and control recommendations.
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Registration of Wholesale & Retail Nurseries & Plant Brokers

The Division of Plant Industry (part of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services) requires the registration of all nurseries (as well as stock dealers, agents, and plant brokers) and conducts inspections of nursery stock several times each year. Inspections of plants in nurseries substantially increases the probability of intercepting or detecting a serious pest before it becomes established or widely distributed.


  • Nursery Stock Dealer: any person, not a grower of nursery stock, who buys or otherwise acquires nursery stock for the purpose of reselling or reshipping independently of any control of the nurseryman.
  • Plant Broker: any person who transacts the transfer of plants from a seller to a buyer and who may or may not be in actual physical possession of the plants.
  • Agent: any person selling or distributing nursery stock under the partial or full control of a nurseryman.
  • Nursery: any grounds or premises on or in which nursery stock is grown, propagated, or held for sale or distribution, except where aquatic plant species are tended for harvest in the natural environment.
  • Nurseryman: any person engaged in the production of nursery stock for sale or distribution.
  • Nursery Stock: all plants, trees, shrubs, vines, bulbs, cuttings, grafts, scions, or buds grown or kept for or capable of propagation or distribution, unless specifically excluded by the rules of the department.

Much more information is available on this topic, along with frequently asked questions at the DACS web site.

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